Quick Start
In this guide, you'll learn how to quickly setup a SaaS project using Nextacular's codebase.

Project Setup

1. Use Template and Clone Project

Visit Nextacular's Github repository (https://github.com/nextacular/nextacular) and click the "Use this template" button and complete the setup. After creating the template, clone the newly created project from the template into your local machine.
git clone https://github.com/<GITHUB_USERNAME>/<PROJECT_REPOSITORY>

2. Install Dependencies

Go to the root directory of your project and install the dependencies.
npm install

3. Setup Environment Variables

Make a copy of the .env.sample file as your local .env file. This is where we will store our environment variable values.
cp .env.sample .env
Open the .env file with your favorite text editor and update the minimum required environment variables.
Required Environment Variables

4. Generate Database Migrations

Before we actually run the application, let's generate the database migrations via Prisma migration command.
npx prisma migrate dev

5. Run Application

After the migration is done, we can now successfully run our application by executing the following command:
npm run dev
Congratulations on setting up the backbone of your SaaS application! 🎉

Local Development Common Issues

Despite trying our best to work on making Nextacular run on our local machines successfully, there will be instances where we will still encounter issues unusual for us.
The following list below is some of the most common development setup issues we encountered on our Discord server.
Feel free to share your workarounds and how you solved them on our Discord server.
Invalid URL
Invalid Authentication (Next Auth Warning)
Database Not Working