What is Nextacular?

Nextacular is an open-source starter kit that will help you build full-stack and multi-tenant SaaS platforms efficiently and help you focus on developing your core SaaS features.

Nextacular documentation is still in progress. If you want to prioritize a part of the docs, please reach out to me via arjay.osma@gmail.com, or you may join our Discord group: https://discord.gg/GnCnzWbzDT


Nextacular is built on top of popular and modern technologies such as:

  • Next JS - 12.1.6

  • Tailwind CSS - 3.0.11

  • Prisma - 3.10.0

These technology stacks were carefully selected to give you the best developer experience and flexibility in developing your SaaS platforms.

You can access the project's repository here.

NOTE: Nextacular is not an application framework, but it is a starter kit that will help you get started right away with minimal configurations. Starter kits tend to be more opinionated compared to frameworks.

As of version 1.0.0, Nextacular can only be deployed via Vercel. We are exploring our options for managing the multi-tenancy approach with other services.


Node JS Runtime

Next JS is the selected React JS framework for Nextacular, and it will require us to install a JavaScript runtime on our local machine.

You'll need to install Node (>= 14.0.0) and NPM (>= 5.6) to run Nextacular. You'll have access to the npx command after installing a version of Node JS.

Alternatively, you may install Yarn (https://yarnpkg.com/getting-started/install) to manage your dependencies.

Download the installer here: https://nodejs.org/en.

VSCode – Optional

We built Nextacular using VSCode and we have pushed our .vscode settings over to our repository.

You may choose to opt for another code editor to kickstart your development. However, we recommend using VSCode as we have the formatting and linting

Download the installer here: https://code.visualstudio.com/download

Ready to build your SaaS? Let's proceed.

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