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Can I use Nextacular for my client projects?

Yes, you definitely can!

Nextacular is an open-source project distributed under the MIT license. No fees are required.

Why Open-source?

In Nextacular, we decided to follow the open-source model. We believe that this is the best way we can distribute Nextacular and improve it further.

Nextacular is not perfect, but with our helpful community, we can work on features and improvements together.

How will Nextacular be maintained?

Nextacular will be updated once in a while with the changes and improvements. Currently, people are exploring various ways they can extend the project and with those improvements, it will become a part of the project.

As of the moment, Nextacular is being sponsored by some of the community members via Open Collective (https://opencollective.com/nextacular), Gumroad tips, and third-party collaboration.

There are plans of opening up a revenue stream for Nextacular:

  1. Templates/Themes Marketplace

  2. Developer Partners

  3. Consulting Activities

Can I get updates?

Changelogs will be added to the documentation. There might be updates that will break a part of your project, but feel free to consult or reach out to the Issues section in our repository.

Follow this guide to get the latest updates from the repository: https://docs.nextacular.co/updating-from-latest

Can I support or contribute to the project?

Sure! You may follow the contribution guidelines found in the repository.

All kinds of contribution and support are welcomed here:

  • Donations

  • Code Contributions

  • Sponsorships

  • Feature Updates

  • Raising Issues

How can I report an issue?

Raising an issue can be done via our Discord server (https://discord.gg/GnCnzWbzDT) or via Github Issues (https://github.com/arjayosma/nextacular/issues).

We are not strict in terms of how the issue is raised, but we will need enough details to udnerstand what you need from the project.

Is it available in TypeScript?

Not yet. But there are plans to migrate it to TS in the near future.

Follow this issue thread for more details: https://github.com/arjayosma/nextacular/issues/9

I have other questions!

Feel free to contact me at my email (arjay.osma@gmail.com). You can also post your questions on our Discord server. My Twitter DM (@nextacular) is also open for questions, suggestions, and feedback.

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