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Deployment Checklist

Ready to go live? Take a look at the checklist below and assess whether your app is production-ready.

Basic Checklist

This checklist is just a guide before you deploy to production. Some items may not be applicable to some projects.

Environment Variables

  • Are your Environment Variables complete?
    • Publicly Accessible Values (NEXT_PUBLIC_*)
    • Database Connection and Credentials
    • Payments (Stripe, etc.)
    • Email Credentials
    • Vercel Platform Details
    • Google Analytics
    • Next-Auth Configuration


  • Is your App Name correct?
  • Is your App Version correct?


  • Is your Tailwind configuration correct?
  • Are your App configurations correct?
  • Are there any console outputs being logged?


  • Make sure dependencies can be installed via npm install command
  • Make sure that there are no vulnerability results from npm audit command
  • Running npm run build results to ignorable errors/warnings or no errors at all


  • Make sure that database schema can be generated via npx prisma generate command
  • Migrate database schema from development database to production database via npx prisma migrate deploy command

Payments - Stripe

  • Is your account in production mode?
  • Have you made a test subscription purchase on your platform?
  • Does your app have a Data Privacy Policy?
  • Does your app have Terms of Service?