Version 1.0.0 – Beta

Initial release of Nextacular – March 3, 2022
⭐️ Features
🔐 Security
⚙️ Updates
🐞 Bug Fixes
  • Authentication
    • By default, customers can sign-up with their email addresses
  • Workspaces
    • Customers can create workspaces for your SaaS
  • Teams
    • Under a workspace, customers can invite their team members via a link or email
  • Landing Page
    • A basic landing page to get you started marketing your platform
  • Billing & Subscription
    • Customers can upgrade/downgrade their subscription plans and they can also receive invoices
  • Account Management
    • Customers can update their personal information such as name and email
  • Multi-tenancy
    • A dedicated subdomain will be created together with your workspace
  • Domain Configurations
    • You can assign CNAMEs and APEX domains to your workspaces
  • Light/Dark Mode
    • Can we call ourselves a SaaS if we don't have light/dark mode? 😂
  • All API routes are session-based
    • No APIs can be called outside of the application as of the moment
    • Allowing the creation of APIs will have to be planned in the next releases
  • Initial authentication is based on magic links (login links are sent via email)
    • Please read Next-Auth's authentication Providers for more details on customization
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No bug fixes yet
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